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About Littlite Gooseneck Lighting

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Originally known as "Custom Audio Electronics", CAE® was formed in 1971 by Jim Fackert, a lighting industry icon, who ran the operation from the basement of his country home near Ypsilanti, Michigan. As suggested by the name, Fackert's first CAE project was audio, rather than lighting, related; he built a sound system for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The system's mixing console, designed by Fackert, was revolutionary in that it was the first touring console to offer stereo submasters and three-band equalization. Lighting companies were in their infancy at the time and it was rare for touring groups to use anything other than follow spots. CAE, who had developed a good reputation doing custom audio work for production companies, was eventually asked by a client to modify some theatrical lighting equipment by adding features like bump buttons and chasers.

Soon after, the company began to design its own Rainbo™ consoles, the industry's first lighting desks explicitly designed for touring. CAE later decided that there was a need for an all-inclusive, easily-portable touring console with submasters, and the LP-1000, the original Leprecon®, was the result.

In its early years, when CAE would modify theatrical lighting consoles, Fackert often added work lights. Because the work lights available at that time were either too bulky or fragile, CAE designed its own. As people saw the new lamps on the Leprecon consoles, interest escalated to the point that the Littlite division was born. Today, the simple-yet-elegant Littlites have become the standard worklamps of numerous industries, and are found around the globe in film and television studios, radio stations, dance clubs, live venues, emergency vehicles, medical and assembly equipment, and everywhere else led desk lamps are needed.



Littlite® . . . the name is synonymous with high-quality gooseneck lighting. For over thirty years we have been producing, refining and improving our task light system to meet the needs of users all over the world.

Littlite origins run deep in the entertainment industry. Littlites provide illumination for performers and technicians on stage, back stage and off stage as well as voice over studios and video editing suites. They are a robust, professional’s tool that can withstand the rigors of touring.

Our products are designed and built in the USA.  We use sturdy metal components in the critical areas of our products. Our limited lifetime warranty gives our products a real value.  Many of the lights we made 30+ years ago are still in use and still under warranty. We do not make disposable products!

Over the decades our products have found uses in applications requiring a high-quality, reliable and versatile task light. Littlites are used in emergency and military vehicles, flight simulators, 911 call center consoles, industrial machines, microscope/optics and many other critical applications.

Littlites can also be found in the home and home workshop. Our unique, low-profile design is easy to surface mount for a permanent fixture or coupled with one of our mounting accessories for a portable task light or free-standing desk light. Additionally, our energy efficient, low voltage LED products are ideal for use in off-grid and tiny home applications.

Littlite introduced our first LED task lights in 2003. Over the years we have continually upgraded our current products and designed new products to take advantage of fast-moving LED technology. Today we have LED task lights with multiple color temperatures and color outputs including UV and Night Vision Green.

Our goals are simple: To provide purposeful illumination that will last a lifetime and support those products with the best service possible.