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Littlite Grows Their Number of LED Lamps on the Underwriter’s Laboratory List of Safe Products

LED Lamps | Underwriters Laboratory

Littlite, LLC. have received the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) seals of safety approval for several products.

The UL inspects and audits products for safety compliance measures that enhance a customer’s peace of mind. Littlite’s LED lamps that are AC powered through the (UL listed) GXF power supply have been listed since 2011. However, recently the new ANSER® series LED lights with a GXF-10 power supply have been UL listed. A UL listed product can be used in any home or commercial application with the confidence that the product is safe.

“Some customers and some municipalities require that any electrically powered product used in their facility or jurisdiction be UL listed to protect the user and the facility,” says Jim Fackert, owner. “This allows us to expand our customer base to facilities and municipalities that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to specify our products.”  

All Littlite task and work lights are quality made in Hamburg, Michigan USA and have a limited lifetime warranty.

About Littlite, LLC.:  Located in Hamburg, Michigan, Littlite focuses on producing, refining and improving the world’s best gooseneck lighting system. Littlite gooseneck task lights have been the work light of choice by entertainers and touring professionals for over 30 years.  Compact, durable and flexible, Littlite products are also used in many other industries including public safety vehicles, military vehicles, medical applications and custom/contract furniture. Designed and manufactured in the US, Littlite continues to develop new lighting solutions utilizing energy-efficient LED components and solid state, switch-mode power supplies.