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Workshop Lighting

Is your workshop lighting bright enough?

Do you struggle to see fine details in dim light?

Are your existing lights not flexible enough to shine where you need them?

You’re not alone. Many hobbyists, mechanics, and DIYers demand bright, quality lights exactly where they need them, and most overhead lights just won’t cut it. Luckily, the durable, flexible workshop lighting offered by Littlite is perfect for the job. Our small, unobtrusive lights allow you to concentrate the light where you want it without excessive heat or glare and without obstructing your work area.

Our workshop light has a flexible, 18-inch gooseneck, allowing for superior maneuverability and positioning. The top mount chassis, can be fitted with a magnetic base that will anchor it to any metal surface like a tool chest or machine tool. With all of these features, the workshop light weighs in at a mere .75 lbs., making it easy to move around your garage or workshop!

You’ll truly enjoy the time spent in your workshop when you can finally stop squinting and straining your eyes and focus on your work. It can be confusing to sort through all the lighting options on the web, but your first step with Littlite is easy! Just visit our store today to buy our premium workshop lighting or click through our Build a Lite tool to create a light that exactly meets your needs. Littlite specializes in reliable, high quality lamps and gooseneck lighting, and offers a limited lifetime warranty to prove it. Make one of our lights or lamps yours today!