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Portable LED Lights

Do you spend a lot of time traveling at night?

If you answered “Yes”, a portable LED light from Littlite is just what you need!

Don’t spend another night fumbling in the dark! A portable LED light is the perfect solution to all your lighting needs when you’re on the go.

Our LED lights have many practical applications and can be used virtually anywhere you need a little extra light where a power source is available. With several mounting options available, our lights can transform a dark space into more usable square footage for your family!

A portable LED light from Littlite is great for your car! In addition to our travel-sized LED lights, the Anser can be taken with you anywhere for extra convenience. The Anser light can be plugged into a USB phone charger battery and you can carry it around.  It’s our only light that goes down to 5V. That’s all the power a USB plug provides.

If you spend a lot of time traveling, you probably want to enjoy your vacations with your family! Don’t waste your time searching for things in the dark – save the frustration with a portable LED light from Littlite!

Littlite has broken the mold when it comes to gooseneck lights. We have a line of less bulky options for your lighting needs! Our LED lights won’t take up a ton of space in your car, suitcase or even your purse.

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Visit Littlite on the web or give their lighting experts a call today to see how a product from Littlite can solve all your lighting needs. Call today at 1-888-224-5801.