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Littlite Bedside Light

bedside light

Does your husband or wife complain about you keeping the lights on when they’re trying to sleep? Are normal book lights too dim, or just too cheaply built? Are you sick of having to constantly change batteries? Are you tired of headaches and eye strain?

You’re not alone! We hear a lot of complaints from people about their bedside light, whether they’re night time readers or just like to do their hobbies while sitting in bed.

How to Solve the Bedside Light Dilemma:

You could use a lamp as a bedside light, but if your husband or wife goes to bed early and you’re more of a night owl, a lamp will light up the whole room, and affect their sleep. You could get a book light, but those are often cheaply built, break easily, and can even need special hard-to-find batteries, not to mention the fact that they often get in the way of what you’re trying to do.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the focus and flexibility of a book light, but with the durability and strength of a work light?

You can!

Littlite has customizable lights, just for you. You can get the exact power and focus that you need to keep up on your favorite hobbies, all without lighting up the whole bedroom!

We have lights for all uses, whether you want a bedside light with a heavy duty base, or a clamp to give you the flexibility you need for hobbies and reading, without getting in the way.

So, what next?

Check out our line of bedside light options, and find the light that works best for you:

Anser series –The AN-DL24-LED Anser with clean dimmable LED light and a focused output is great for reading in bed.

LW series – The LW-18-LED is a dimmable LED that has a high success rate of not disturbing your partner. Or, you can choose the halogen model, L-3/18-LED. It can be mounted on a wall or head board and is a dimmable halogen bedside light.

We have plenty of options for whatever you need, and you can even get the accessories you need to customize your light.

About Littlite:

Littlite is a major producer of Task Lights, Gooseneck Lights, Bedside Lights, and more! Our aim is to bring industrial grade lights to the public, giving you the highest quality, longest lasting, and most durable lights possible.