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Littlite® Gooseneck Lighting Applications

For over 30 years, Littlite has provided high-quality gooseneck lighting solutions. Littlites are designed to withstand the punishment of touring and are the task light of choice by entertainment industry professionals. Sturdy steel construction and our reputation for durability ensures a task light that will provide years of service. We are so confident in our products, we back them with a limited lifetime warranty. We design and manufacture our led lamp products right here in Hamburg, Michigan and take pride in our products and our customer service.

Our lampsets can be permanently surface mounted utilizing our unique chassis plate design. If a movable or temporary task light is required, our mounting accessories enable you to sit, stick or clamp the light to any surface. View our product page for a complete listing of our lighting options and accessories.

Our gooseneck lighting system provides almost limitless configuration and mounting options so you can customize your Littlite to fit your requirements. Littlite® task lights take up very little space and the flexibility provided by our gooseneck means you can put the light right where you need it.

Hobby/Craft light

Hobby/Craft light Littlites are ideal for hobby and craft applications including sewing, model building, fly-tying, stamp and coin collecting, reading lights, piano light, etc. Littlite task lights are easily adapted to hundreds of applications. The small, unobtrusive chassis design enables our lights to be attached in a convenient location and the flexible gooseneck lighting lets you put the light where you need it.

Reading Light/Desk Light

Reading Light/Desk Light Night owls and bookworms can benefit from a personal reading light that is easy to position and adjust. Littlites can be mounted to a headboard or nightstand for bedside reading or used as a freestanding desk light. Our compact design can be integrated and used in the tightest spots while the flexible gooseneck lets you position the light where you need it. Littlite reading lights eliminate the strain on your eyes by offering cool operating LED models that deliver a warm, white light and provide excellent color rendering. If you think you’re putting too much of a strain on your eyes, or are struggling to find a decent spot in your home or office to read or work, a personal reading light from Littlite is the perfect solution!

Lectern Light

Lectern Light Our Installation Products ideal as lectern lights, pulpit lights, ambo lights, for conference tables and other applications that require a permanently mounted, compact task light. The Littlite LA series was designed for flush mounting resulting in a clean, unobtrusive installation perfect for lecterns, etc. Available with a permanently attached gooseneck or a detachable, TNC mount gooseneck. Our IS series surface mount lights are easy to install and come in a variety of configurations including LED and halogen models. The power cord exits the bottom of the chassis base for a clean appearance.

Map/Chart Light

Map/Chart Light Littlite automotive LED light products are used in police, fire and EMT vehicles all over the world. Our products can also be found in rally vehicles, municipal and service trucks, marine freighters, trains and even flight simulators and personal aircraft. Standard Littlite products operate on 12-volts while our CC-LED products can operate on 8-24 VDC.

Workshop & Industrial Light

Workshop & Industrial Light Our small, unobtrusive lights allow you to concentrate the light where you want it without excessive heat or glare and without obstructing your work area. Littlites are easily mounted on a tool chest or a machine tool to provide you with flexible workshop lighting.